What Our Kids Say

“Thank you for feeding us baked ziti and snacks.  I cooked for my family with the supplies you gave us to take home.  I told my parents about the NO electronics rule.  It was bad for my Dad but it made my Mom very happy” ~ Torrie – age 9

“I really appreciate the goodness you have in your heart to think about families or people who do not have food.  Thank you for the tasty baked ziti.  Thank you for reminding us that we need to be close to our family” ~ Mariah – age 10

“I appreciate all the giving you did.  The food you made for us was the best I have ever had !  I used all the gifts in our goody bags.  All I keep thinking of is the family memories, I loved your words.  P.S.  Come back with a hug” ~ Amalyia – age 10

“Can you come and teach my family how to cook your baked ziti?  I told my family all about our Victoria’s Good Table and they want to taste your food and desserts too” ~ Brandon – age 10